Monday, January 30, 2012

Efflux Pump Inhibitors

I wrote previously about my quest to kill a protozoa parasite that is showing heavy resistance to anti protozoal drugs.  I was able to obtain good die off using Nitazoxanide (Alinia) then adding Paromomycin about three days after the Nita.  I was under the belief that the Biofilm environment was the culprit but after reviewing the material again, I realize that the efflux pumps are to blame.  Previous post here 

So in my quest to finally kill a parasite that has made me very miserable, I have assembled a list of natural substances that show inhibition of the efflux pumps.  I will be taking the inhibitors with the drugs.  I compiled this list from several medline sources.

Update: I have found that goldenseal leaf (not root) is one of the most effective. Hemp oil (not marijuana oil) has had a great effect. I use both of these with natural antimicrobials such as caprylic acid, neem, black seed, black pepper and graviola. Graviola is also reported to be an efflux pump inhibitor as well. The infection has subsided using these products.

Guava leaves

Papaya leaves

Mango leaves




Artemesin Annua

Rhein (Rhubarb)


Green Tea


Holy basil 





Phyllanthus emblica 

Solanum trilbatum  

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