Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Relationships -When the Body Attacks The Mind

Here is a very good article (link below) about the role of mental/behavioral issues in relationship to the body. It was long thought that mental health was isolated just in the mind but science is proving that theory to be out-dated.

The NEI Supersytem is a study of the Neurological/Endocrine/Immune relationships. This means that each one of these systems influences the other. Take for example psychological stress. This form of stress (emotional) triggers not just the mind but other systems such as the adrenal glands. Inducing the adrenal glands helps the body deal with the threat that is perceived by creating many chemicals (endocrine based). These hormones then begin to influence other systems of the body which would include immunity and neurological.

The immune system is likely the strongest system in the body and will influence many other systems including neurological health. The article discusses a neurological disorder that started with an immune condition.