Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cancer and Microbes

In my search for healing modalities, I have built a good sized library of effective treatments.  I have done many many hours of reading and have a penchant for cancer related articles.   I first became interested when I owned a Rife machine to help me kill the microbe that was snuffing my life.  I read profusely about his work that was documented by Barry Lynes in the book The Cancer Cure That Worked.    Rife believed that cancer was caused by a microbe, be it a bacteria, fungus or virus.  He used him machine to produce a frequency that would implode a part of the pathogen.  Of course due to the economic interest of others, Rife was destroyed.

 Many others preceded Rife and many others picked up different facets of the microbe theory, the most recent being Dr. Simoncini.   Simoncini is an Italian doctor who uses sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to treat tumors.  He simply injected this substance into the tumors and they shrank.  He believes that the tumors are fungal in origin and since sodium bicarbonate is anti-fungal, the tumors shrink.

I probably have 400 notepad articles on cancer strategies which most are simply antimicrobial.  For instance in my search for herbals to kill my protozoa parasites, I spent considerable time combing through material such as Amazon rainforest herbs in which most of the herbs that are antimicrobial happen to be anticancer like Graviola.  I also found remedies like this one  written by a priest which uses natural substances (read more here).   Beside using these therapies there are common sense things like proper nutrition (magnesium, vitamin D etc).

Back to the microbe theory in which I found this website which has the best explanation of the microbe theory of cancer

Here is an excerpt of the website:

Cancer Fungus: The Link Between The Microbe And Cancer 
The cancer fungus link is well-documented.  Fungus is a microbe, and many scientists believe viruses, fungus and bacteria are all different stages of the microbe life cycle. The microbe has long been associated with and identified as a possible cause for cancer. 

A large and significant number of independent cancer researchers, scientists, microbiologists and prominent medical practitioners over the past 100 years [as shown below] have found over-whelming evidence supporting this cancer fungus link or link between cancer and the microbe. They have also discovered and observed that this microbe is pleomorphic (form-changing), meaning it changes back and forth from (harmless) spore form to (harmful) virus form, bacterial form and yeast-like fungus form.  This microbe, they have found, is always present in cancer/tumor cells. 

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I have to place my disclosure by saying this article is for educational purposes only and not meant to diagnose or treat any disease.  The FDA has not evaluated these therapies and I make no claims. 

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