Monday, January 2, 2012

Autism and Protozoa Parasites

I just completed a YouTube video on the connections between Autism and Protozoa parasites

I suffered with a protozoa parasite which has not been identified. These types of infections are very difficult on the body and alter biochemistry quite dramatically including neurochemistry, endocrine and liver toxicity. Glutathione (cysteine) channels are impaired with any immune event and these amino acids are essential for detoxification. Mercury toxicification has been implicated in Autism and many other immunological diseases. I would like to point out that when the glutathione/cysteine levels fall due to the infection, that the body will pick up toxins of all sorts which obviously impact all of the body including the brain. Dr. Deth has done extensive research on the important of methylation in the Autistic models and it would be a good idea to review his material. Methylation is impaired due to the stress of these infections and involves the glutathione/cysteine pathways.

Video presentation by Dr. Deth on methylation

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