Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Recovery)

This is a difficult thing to do (summarize treatments) since it has been a lengthy process with so many different therapies. I had signs of CFS as a teenager and it progressed as time went on. It went into full blown ME by the time I was in my early 30's (I am now 57yo). In the worst stage I was bedridden for most of the day. I came down with a sore throat, extreme muscle and joint pain, unrefreshed sleep, inability to handle stress, I began to swell in hands, feet, neck and abdomen. I developed purple striations on my abdomen from the confirmed adrenal abnormalities, I was disorientated, depressed and anxious. I could not be in the sun for long periods of time. My energy level was pretty low and my functionality was limited.

In the latter form, this was due to an aggressive infection that appears to be parasite related, where previously it was likely attributed to viral loads, improper nutrients, stress and environmental toxins.

I went to numerous doctors (both traditional and alternative), and tried a boatload of treatments. I could write extensively about each one but that would be lengthy.

M.E. is a tough disease, mainly from the enigma of what is wrong and how to remedy that. In the previous post, I wrote about the number of possibilities Each person is different and those differences need different approaches. Obviously, having some history is important to try to find clues. For instance, environmental changes, nutrients, pathogen exposure and so on.

M.E. is a cellular energy problem which I covered in the previous post meaning that the energy cycles at the cellular level (Krebs cycle) are dysfunctional.

1/ Nutrients are the building blocks of life. Every cell depends on nutrients to function correctly. I have spent 25 years in studying nutrients from the mineral building blocks, amino acids and so on. Minerals must be in balance meaning they can be in both a deficiency state or an excess state. Hair testing is a great help (I use Trace Elements) to assess mineral levels. Vitamins serve as co-factors and are important. Adequate essential fatty acids and protein intake are necessary for cellular function.

2/ Oxidation is a big problem. Excess oxidation comes from many sources including environmental, however the immune system can generate large amounts of free radicals when triggered. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress. Antioxidants can be found in Vitamins C, E and others. Plant based antioxidants have been a large help as well.

3/ Stress is always a big problem and is profoundly accelerated during illness. Stress accelerates oxidative stress, changes neurological patterns and raises cortisol levels. Magnesium is a natural reducer of stress and enables better adjustments. Gluatamate levels increase during stress and with high glutamate comes anxiety. GABA helps reduce glutamate levels.

Adaptogens have always been a great help. This is a classification of herbs/spices that help the body modulate stress. Examples of this would be turmeric.

4/ Liver congestion was a big problem and this is related to strong immune cycles which deplete glutathione. I used TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which did not cure the disease but did give me some insights to some of the problems. They diagnosed me with liver stagnation, this was a big help.

5/ Addressing the infections has been the best help. Infections create stress in the body and weaken the body. There are a number of pathogens that can attack the body. I have used a number of approaches to this including pharmaceuticals, ozone therapy, ultraviolet therapy, homeopathic, energy medicine. My best help is the use of natural antimicrobials. Items such as lactoferrin, caprylic acid (coconut oil), neem, lemongrass, garlic, graviola and others.

6/ Environmental. I try my best to avoid processed foods and opt for organic. I watch for foods that cause immune activation, which includes processed foods but also food groups such as fresh dairy. The food sensitivity could also include wheat, corn etc. I use natural body care products including fluoride free toothpastes. I also use chelating agents such as rLipoic acid, zeolite micronized powder, etc.