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  (artwork by Arthur Pinjian)

I have been corresponding with a man who has been chronically sick for a number of years and feels he is near death - he is pleading for someone to help him.    I presume he is in his early years since he had a wife and children who left him because of his illness.  His family does not believe he is ill and he was institutionalized.    He is infected with some type of nematode which is evidenced by visuals in his stool.  and his chronic symptomology which includes endocrine disturbance, weight loss, neurological pains, visual problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin eruptions, brain disorders and many other symptoms (see below for his extensive list)

Many of his problems go overlooked because Western Medicine cannot diagnose anything they are not trained for.  The disease is bad enough from a mental/emotional/spiritual and physical standpoint but to be ostracized is quite another.  Western Medicine is a hit or miss thing and of course if they hit then options are limited since they only have three options: drug you, cut you or burn you. Whereas non-Western modalities have many other options.   Medicine is big business and it is run by economics and not by empathy.   Either you fit in the model  or you are simply put into the turnstile to another practitioner  who of course has no idea what is wrong with you and the cycle continues.  Furthermore Western Medicine will never cure you unless you have an infection that antibiotics cure.

I went through that whole mess and vowed never to go through it again.  I was fortunate to have at least 2 physicians be honest with me and I thank them for that.  The remaining were arrogant who had no idea what it was like to be sick.  They fail to understand the multitude of challenges you face with being disabled especially by a no name disease that is considered to be 'all in your head'.Which demonstrates to me the folly of all of this.  It is a sick joke.

Take your dog or cat to the Veterinarian and I almost guarantee the first thing they check is parasites if there is certain symptomology.   Take a human with the same complaints to a doctor and you will get a its in your head diagnosis.

My question is why must this man treat himself and why must he be ostracized by the community?  Why can't medicine produce a simple blood test to find out the specific immune factors he is producing and match that up to a group of infections such as viruses, bacteria etc.?
With all the money this country spends on defense (900 billion) , HIV research  (20 billion) why can't this be developed?

I have listed the symptoms he wrote down for me below.

 Muscle cramps, weight loss, diarrhea, constipation, teeth grinding,headache, muscle twitching, shooting pains in muscles,sharp abdominal pains, swollen hands/face/legs/nausea, bleeding in eyeball, chemical sensitivity, night sweats,slow digestion, itching,movement internally, pressure in ears, worms in stool, egg sacks in stool,low body temperature,lesions on scalp shoulders and abdomen,numbness in back and feet,red streaks under skin, worms in nostrils and eyes, tiredness,vertigo, racing thoughts, memory loss, inability to catch breath, sharp pains in head, chest/heart pain,dry pale skin, rib pains, burning sensation in eyes, poor sleep.There are more but that is most of them.Swollen spleen and unidentified swelling in my colon were also found.I have tested neurological, allergy,dermatological, cardiological, fungus,virus,stool samples.My whole body is rotting from the tissue damage and toxins and continued breeding and spreading of this organism. chronic fatigue syndrome

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Various pictures of volcanoes  - I do not know the credits for these.

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Life is cyclical as the Book of Ecclesiates says - there is a season for everything, a season for sowing a season for reaping. 

Lately I have been thinking of some of the things I did that hurt people, of course my ego tells me otherwise.  I had a wise counselor who challenged me to apologize to someone I have hurt and probed me to see if I have done anyone some good.   I took her words to heart and apologized to a customer whom I thoughtt I was rude to.  If I have hurt anyone reading this message, I apologize to you.

Admitting wrong is difficult for me and most Americans.  Somewhere we were bombarded with entitlement ideas, I suppose from the countless hours of watching the drivel on TV or from the environments we are exposed to every day.

Admission of guilt is difficult to do but it necessary to pull out the barbs that embed in our spirits, a release of the wrong we committed.  This is not to be confused with religous guilt which is simply a mental programming.  A more practical idea is to understand that actions and words, or taking no action had a negative impact on someone else's life.  In other words,  there were consequences of those actions.   I also beleive that restitution is part of that equation, whether telling that person we did wrong or making financial restitution. -then the circle is completed otherwise brokenness lingers.

I will never forget the day that a customer screamed at me because I was late by a few minutes.  Of course she had no idea what preceded this and for her that made no difference.  She spewed hatred towards me.  I had serviced her countless times before and always gave top service.  One slip and I was disregarded as a human being and demoralized.   Little did she know the personal tragedy I had encountered before and I would suspect she could have cared less.

  She simply put her needs before mine and let me know how much more important she was than me.   She decided to leave the barb of hatred deep into my being and by refusing to apologize, the barb remained.   In church terms this is called iniquity.  Inquity is simply the stain that is left behind following an infraction.  It is done with intent and is evil - it is malicious.   Apologies allow the stain to be cleaned up, pride stops that from happening.

I beleive in a type of Karma in which what you sow is what you reap.  When you project entitlement then you will return darkness and emptiness - when you project gratuity, you receive more back.   No person deserves more than another, there is no positon in life that people attain that makes them better except in their own mind.   Humility is about being content in your situation and not lording over another person because their lot in life.   There is no rule, to say where you are is better than the next or that you deserved what you received.   This is simply a caste system which I think is dead wrong. 

I remember a story told to me by gentleman who had a near death experience.  He was a non -practicing Catholic and found himself sitting on the edge of a canyon viewing an ultra large TV screen of his life.   He told me that he was able to feel the pain from the people he hurt, what that was like.  I asked if he was judged for this in which he replied 'no'.  He told me that it was his goal to become a nurse at 60 years old as he told me the only thing that was important was love.   Just love and nothing more.


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Chart Analysis

I have a mathematical formula in which I can accurately forecast trend changes in stocks, commodities and currency (Forex).   I utilize a fractal mathematics approach.   I offer chart analysis for individuals and institutional traders who are looking for better trading decisions.   My chart analysis is free with no obligations.  

I have a whole library of trades that were done with date stamps to prove authenticity.   The chart below is for Facebook (FB).   I do not depend on vague indicators, astrology or any Gann techniques but strict mathematical principals based loosely on Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot's work.  All things have vibration and vibration can be measured and quantified.   Please contact me here on this blog or email bayer234 at g m a i l

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bartonella and CFS

There appears to be growing evidence of 'Stealth Infections' as an underlying etiology in many diseases.  Common blood screenings refuse to show these infections and most clinicians have no education concerning the connection between chronic disease and pathogens.   The pathogens that are at the top of the list are the ones the media promotes such as e coli and salmonella, but there are a plethora of other infectious organisms that can cause major problems.

I was infected what is thought to be a protozoa parasite (pathogenic subtype of Iodamoeba butschlii)  From the research and the feedback from the forum (pptu.lefora.com), it is well known the damage these organisms can do.   This parasite caused profound problems for me in which I had a wide range of problems.  

However protozoa are just among many organisms that create problems.
I ran across an article about the psychiatric anomalies that Bartonella causes for people.  Profound changes occurred with these people including anxiety, depression, mood changes, hostility and hopelessness. (1)

Bartonella is a gram negative bacteria that is transmitted from animals such as cats and rodents, it is also known as cat scratch fever.   These live intracellular, meaning they lodge into the cells and create havoc.   It was considered at one time to be a limiting infection, that is an infection that is short-lived but current research is showing this to be false.   Researchers have found many types or subtypes (13 that can infect humans) of the Bartonella species that were once unknown  and believe that this is an up and coming infection.  Rheumatism is a medical condition that affects muscles, joints, tendons, nerves and bones - Bartonella is one pathogen that has been implicated in this.

Testing methods from the past failed to identify these in humans but new approaches are leading to clearer definitions says Dr. Breitschwerdt a leading researcher at North Carolina State.  At some time in the future, it is my hope that a single blood draw will be able to correctly identify the pathogens.

(1)  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2100128/

References: (please click under title to view link)

Dr. Breitschwerdt on Bartonella:

Tracking Stealth Pathogens:

Neurological Manifestations of Bartonella:

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Tree of Life Chapel

The Tree of Life Chapel    designed by  Antonio Jorge Cerejeira Fontes and Andre Cerejeira Fontes with sculptor Asbjorn Andresen..

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Luis Argerich NightScape Photographer

Luis is from Buenos Aires Argentina and considers himself a photographer of 'Nightscapes and of Wide field astrophotography'.   He states on his website " I also have a love hate relationship with waves and clouds...I try to show the beauty of the night sky without making composites or collages"

You can access his website here.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It is all in your head

(pictures by Marc Chagall  )
I must advise you that I am not a medical professional so I am 
unable to diagnose or offer treatment solutions for you.  This information
is presented as educational material and should be 
discussed with your health care professional.

"It is all in your head" is what was told to me for years - told to me by the doctors, the medical establishment, my co-workers, my friends and family.   What they all missed was the chronic infection that lodged in my body.

Eastern Medicine (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine) does not look at disease like Western.   They understand the delicate balance that occurs in the body and how one system that becomes awry then affects the entire eco-system.   For instance a liver that is congested with the daily toxins of American life (flame retardants found in carpets, furniture, pesticides and herbicides to the horrible food supply that is laden with mineral deficiencies, colorings, additives and preservatives).  The Chinese recognize that the liver plays a key role in the rest of the body.   American medicine simply shrugs its shoulders and waits for your liver enzymes to go sky high and even if they do then they have no remedy except to poison you with more chemicals :(-

Chronic infections produce many bad things both directly and indirectly that affect all processes including brain (emotional, cognitive and behavioral).  Sadly many people self-medicate with increased alcohol and drug use.  And if this does not do the trick, we spend billions of dollars treating these people with poisonous substances and send them to psychologists and counselors who put them into the mill which most will never get out of.   And as a caveat, I am not advocating that  these systems are necessarily wrong but I think in certain cases they may be necessary and perhaps life-saving.  However I advocate that causative factors should be considered first.    Treat the causative  (core factors) first then use the other methods if necessary.

But chronic infections are not the only causative factor for 'in your head' symptoms, environmental toxins from mercury and other toxic metals (lead, cadmium etc), toxic fluoride, improper diet that is laden with highly processed foods, mineral and vitamin deficiencies (vitamin D, B vitamins etc), toxic relationships, hardships, trials, persecution, financial woes, spiritual deficiencies - all these can lead to impaired neurological functioning.

Chronic infections release many immune factors such as cytokines that enter the brain and begin to affect cognitive functioning, memory centers and create mood disorders.   Beside cytokines, immune cells produce massive oxidative factors, these factors are released to kill the organisms and as a side-effect you get the blast of the oxidation that injures your cell membranes.   This injury reduces the cells to function correctly, thus you cannot produce vital hormones, neurotransmitters and a host of other vital factors.

In fact most of the forum participants who are experiencing a difficult infection all have hormonal issues and detoxification problems.  Yes it is true that hormonal imbalance causes neurological problems in spite of the medical system fighting                                                               against this idea for decades (I am thinking of menopausal women who were thrown benzodiazapines amid the doctor who ignored their cries).

Adrenal activity is always an issue with chronic infections and become dysregulated as well.  Adrenal fatigue is an up and coming idea but has been chronicled in medical literature for decades.  Adrenals are activated to push the metabolism up in order to bring more soldiers to the fight, they act like afterburners in a jet.   If pushed for too long they become weakened and with this the  downward cycle occurs in the body's systems.   Thankfully there are remedies for this that are based on nutritionals and I have an extensive article about this on this blog.

The adrenals throw powerful hormones and steroids into the bloodstream that affect brain activity.   For instance cortisol is pumped and with cortisol comes mood disorders.   And thisis just one of the many factors that adrenals produce.

With increased adrenal activity comes greater losses of vital nutrients including magnesium which is sadly overlooked.  Magnesium will save your life conversely magnesium deficiency can kill you (increased risk of cardiovascular, immune defects and metabolism defects)   Stress kills and if you don't remedy the side-effects (increased loss of nutrients) then it will do serious damage to you.   Antioxidants play key roles in modulating the bad effects of stress and should not be overlooked.

So this may be in your head but not as a behavioral, emotional or mental issue but simply as a biological issue, because there are other things occurring in your body that the medical system overlooks.   Dig a bit deeper and try to find the root cause.

As a side note, I am a big fan of mineral testing via the hair and personally recommend Trace Elements Inc.   Other good information can be found by researching Orthomolecular Medicine,  Dr. Pfieffer (Carl) of the Brain Bio Center wrote many informative articles.  Abram Hoffer, M.D. was another outstanding researcher, you can find his work here.  http://www.orthomolecularvitamincentre.com/a_hoffer_schizophrenia.php

Additional reading:
Eric Braverman "Healing Nutrients Within"  a look at amino acids and their role in human health.
Orthomolecular Medicine:  http://www.orthomed.org/

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Noctilucent Clouds

Noctilucent Clouds are very high altitude clouds that are seen in between 50 and 70 degrees north and south of the equator.   They are observed in the Summer months and when the Sun is below the horizon. Made up of crystals of water ice, they provide a spectacular show.

Pekka Parviainen


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chronic Fatigue

A good video about a Chronic Fatigue (M.E.) patient describing his debilitating condition and treatment strategies.   Clearly the base problem is an MDR pathogen (antibiotic resistance).   He describes immune shifting which is a commonality among M.E. patients.   This immune shifting allows other viral agents to reappear.  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My view

I started a forum that explores treatment strategies for protozoa parasites, and the forum has educational material as well as a dialog that provides emotional support for the forum participants.   Many times I have talked with people on the phone about their treatments and inevitably we venture in the emotional/mental side of this disease.   I hear the pain from people who suffer.   I talked with one person who recently lost his job because he simply could not function, and he has a wife who does not understand and quite frankly refuses to understand his plight.   She assaults him with verbal slurs that personally I think should never come from a spouse or from any 'loved one'.

I hear the same story from many people who have fallen ill, they lost their support of friends and family, they are ridiculed because they are sick, they are questioned by a medical system who has no concept of being sick and certainly lack the diagnostic skills to make their patients truly better and by that I mean not providing placebo drugs to mask the true illness.  Please read my post about this issue.

Some of those people believe in tough love which was a popular concept that does not work - in fact it failed.  We need true love not tough love.  True love gives what is needed and does not strip away the dignity, respect and attention that every human being needs to healthy in mind, body and spirit.

I once considered myself a Christian in the most popular term of the word,  but now consider myself a Deist mostly because of the circumstances that prevailed in my life, mostly through this horrible affliction that is caused by parasites.  I lost everything in my life and continue to function below my capacity.  But the parasite is only one part of the suffering, the rest has to do with the world.

My late friend Murray told me something profound in which he said ' the world is a merciless place ', I could not agree more with that statement and I often think about that term when faced with more adversity.   I thank him for those words for I know they are true.  Yes we are rich in materialism but sorely lack in humanity (You say I am rich, I have need of nothing but I say you are blind, poor and evil -Revelation 3).   

I don't hold much to the dogma, doctrine and discipline I was taught in my religious journey but I still hold to the spiritual values.  Those are worlds apart and my personal feeling is that Christians fail in that task, they are simply too focused on getting doctrine right but miss the basic message of Jesus which is to love.   Many of them are just modern day Pharisees who self promote their beliefs but fail to keep the message given by their Teacher.  Gandhi said it best "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians, they are so unlike your Christ"

Some of my conversion to Deism had much to do with the religious people I knew and their treatment towards me, many cases were laughable, some pathetic, many of them cruel*.   Foolishly I followed their advice which in retrospect was nothing more than a guessing game, cheap advice and no action (James 2:15-18).   I would compare this to tarot card reading except with a Christian twist.  

To this day, I still hold animosity towards those people who persecuted me for my illness including several key members of the church organisation I belonged to.   Yes I was persecuted by those claiming to follow Jesus which makes no sense to me to this day.   However it would be intellectual fallacy for me to put all religious people into that category like many people do, as I do know of some who truly follow the message.

I believe in the teachings of Jesus and I put those teachings in practice everyday, if I fail to practice then I would consider myself the Pharisee.   It really does no good to listen to good advice but neglect it.   Mercy is one of the big cornerstones of these teachings.   Mercy is defined as "a broad term that refers to benevolence, forgiveness and kindness in a variety of ethical, religious and legal terms"

Modern society suffers from a defect in mercy, at least that is my opinion.   Clearly we live in an entitled society that must not feel the imperfections of the world and will do its best to avoid it at all costs, we surround ourselves with things that make us comfortable.   Understanding begets Empathy and Empathy should birth Mercy.

Mercy requires us to feel uncomfortable, mercy requires us to give something up for the greater good  - mercy requires courage.

We give mercy because we are in a better place than the person who is granted mercy.   "I was hungry and you fed me, I was naked and you clothed me"  (Matthew 25).   Yes it is true, many people are lacking in varied ways.  Some suffer with loneliness, some with poverty, others with fear or sickness.  So please look past yourself and realize that people are suffering and they need your help at the very least your understanding, after all that could be you.

One of my favorite songs:

*There were several instances in which I was degraded by Christians with the idea that I was the one who was at fault. One such incidence was after falling ill with my parasitic condition I was thrown under the bus from the council I was appointed to.  Not only thrown under the bus but run back over a couple of times by the three hypocrites (two with religious pride, the other a coward).  I was asked to do comprehensive work that was unpaid of course, which I did according to the outline of the project.   My work was destroyed but I was never called on again, no thank you, no nothing.   I will never understand how these people can claim to be called of God and yet think they are greater than Him.   They obviously were blown up with pride, the pride of the Pharisee.   Never again will I trust any person claiming to be 'of God'.  Never again.

"Beware the yeast of the Pharisee" -Matthew 16
 "A servant is never greater than his master " - John 15

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Blog Design

Here is a recent design I created for a blog (please click on the image for a larger view).   I am available for both blog and web design - here is a small portfolio of my web work