Tuesday, December 3, 2013


  (artwork by Arthur Pinjian)

I have been corresponding with a man who has been chronically sick for a number of years and feels he is near death - he is pleading for someone to help him.    I presume he is in his early years since he had a wife and children who left him because of his illness.  His family does not believe he is ill and he was institutionalized.    He is infected with some type of nematode which is evidenced by visuals in his stool.  and his chronic symptomology which includes endocrine disturbance, weight loss, neurological pains, visual problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin eruptions, brain disorders and many other symptoms (see below for his extensive list)

Many of his problems go overlooked because Western Medicine cannot diagnose anything they are not trained for.  The disease is bad enough from a mental/emotional/spiritual and physical standpoint but to be ostracized is quite another.  Western Medicine is a hit or miss thing and of course if they hit then options are limited since they only have three options: drug you, cut you or burn you. Whereas non-Western modalities have many other options.   Medicine is big business and it is run by economics and not by empathy.   Either you fit in the model  or you are simply put into the turnstile to another practitioner  who of course has no idea what is wrong with you and the cycle continues.  Furthermore Western Medicine will never cure you unless you have an infection that antibiotics cure.

I went through that whole mess and vowed never to go through it again.  I was fortunate to have at least 2 physicians be honest with me and I thank them for that.  The remaining were arrogant who had no idea what it was like to be sick.  They fail to understand the multitude of challenges you face with being disabled especially by a no name disease that is considered to be 'all in your head'.Which demonstrates to me the folly of all of this.  It is a sick joke.

Take your dog or cat to the Veterinarian and I almost guarantee the first thing they check is parasites if there is certain symptomology.   Take a human with the same complaints to a doctor and you will get a its in your head diagnosis.

My question is why must this man treat himself and why must he be ostracized by the community?  Why can't medicine produce a simple blood test to find out the specific immune factors he is producing and match that up to a group of infections such as viruses, bacteria etc.?
With all the money this country spends on defense (900 billion) , HIV research  (20 billion) why can't this be developed?

I have listed the symptoms he wrote down for me below.

 Muscle cramps, weight loss, diarrhea, constipation, teeth grinding,headache, muscle twitching, shooting pains in muscles,sharp abdominal pains, swollen hands/face/legs/nausea, bleeding in eyeball, chemical sensitivity, night sweats,slow digestion, itching,movement internally, pressure in ears, worms in stool, egg sacks in stool,low body temperature,lesions on scalp shoulders and abdomen,numbness in back and feet,red streaks under skin, worms in nostrils and eyes, tiredness,vertigo, racing thoughts, memory loss, inability to catch breath, sharp pains in head, chest/heart pain,dry pale skin, rib pains, burning sensation in eyes, poor sleep.There are more but that is most of them.Swollen spleen and unidentified swelling in my colon were also found.I have tested neurological, allergy,dermatological, cardiological, fungus,virus,stool samples.My whole body is rotting from the tissue damage and toxins and continued breeding and spreading of this organism. chronic fatigue syndrome