Sunday, October 27, 2013

Luis Argerich NightScape Photographer

Luis is from Buenos Aires Argentina and considers himself a photographer of 'Nightscapes and of Wide field astrophotography'.   He states on his website " I also have a love hate relationship with waves and clouds...I try to show the beauty of the night sky without making composites or collages"

You can access his website here.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It is all in your head

(pictures by Marc Chagall  )
I must advise you that I am not a medical professional so I am 
unable to diagnose or offer treatment solutions for you.  This information
is presented as educational material and should be 
discussed with your health care professional.

"It is all in your head" is what was told to me for years - told to me by the doctors, the medical establishment, my co-workers, my friends and family.   What they all missed was the chronic infection that lodged in my body.

Eastern Medicine (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine) does not look at disease like Western.   They understand the delicate balance that occurs in the body and how one system that becomes awry then affects the entire eco-system.   For instance a liver that is congested with the daily toxins of American life (flame retardants found in carpets, furniture, pesticides and herbicides to the horrible food supply that is laden with mineral deficiencies, colorings, additives and preservatives).  The Chinese recognize that the liver plays a key role in the rest of the body.   American medicine simply shrugs its shoulders and waits for your liver enzymes to go sky high and even if they do then they have no remedy except to poison you with more chemicals :(-

Chronic infections produce many bad things both directly and indirectly that affect all processes including brain (emotional, cognitive and behavioral).  Sadly many people self-medicate with increased alcohol and drug use.  And if this does not do the trick, we spend billions of dollars treating these people with poisonous substances and send them to psychologists and counselors who put them into the mill which most will never get out of.   And as a caveat, I am not advocating that  these systems are necessarily wrong but I think in certain cases they may be necessary and perhaps life-saving.  However I advocate that causative factors should be considered first.    Treat the causative  (core factors) first then use the other methods if necessary.

But chronic infections are not the only causative factor for 'in your head' symptoms, environmental toxins from mercury and other toxic metals (lead, cadmium etc), toxic fluoride, improper diet that is laden with highly processed foods, mineral and vitamin deficiencies (vitamin D, B vitamins etc), toxic relationships, hardships, trials, persecution, financial woes, spiritual deficiencies - all these can lead to impaired neurological functioning.

Chronic infections release many immune factors such as cytokines that enter the brain and begin to affect cognitive functioning, memory centers and create mood disorders.   Beside cytokines, immune cells produce massive oxidative factors, these factors are released to kill the organisms and as a side-effect you get the blast of the oxidation that injures your cell membranes.   This injury reduces the cells to function correctly, thus you cannot produce vital hormones, neurotransmitters and a host of other vital factors.

In fact most of the forum participants who are experiencing a difficult infection all have hormonal issues and detoxification problems.  Yes it is true that hormonal imbalance causes neurological problems in spite of the medical system fighting                                                               against this idea for decades (I am thinking of menopausal women who were thrown benzodiazapines amid the doctor who ignored their cries).

Adrenal activity is always an issue with chronic infections and become dysregulated as well.  Adrenal fatigue is an up and coming idea but has been chronicled in medical literature for decades.  Adrenals are activated to push the metabolism up in order to bring more soldiers to the fight, they act like afterburners in a jet.   If pushed for too long they become weakened and with this the  downward cycle occurs in the body's systems.   Thankfully there are remedies for this that are based on nutritionals and I have an extensive article about this on this blog.

The adrenals throw powerful hormones and steroids into the bloodstream that affect brain activity.   For instance cortisol is pumped and with cortisol comes mood disorders.   And thisis just one of the many factors that adrenals produce.

With increased adrenal activity comes greater losses of vital nutrients including magnesium which is sadly overlooked.  Magnesium will save your life conversely magnesium deficiency can kill you (increased risk of cardiovascular, immune defects and metabolism defects)   Stress kills and if you don't remedy the side-effects (increased loss of nutrients) then it will do serious damage to you.   Antioxidants play key roles in modulating the bad effects of stress and should not be overlooked.

So this may be in your head but not as a behavioral, emotional or mental issue but simply as a biological issue, because there are other things occurring in your body that the medical system overlooks.   Dig a bit deeper and try to find the root cause.

As a side note, I am a big fan of mineral testing via the hair and personally recommend Trace Elements Inc.   Other good information can be found by researching Orthomolecular Medicine,  Dr. Pfieffer (Carl) of the Brain Bio Center wrote many informative articles.  Abram Hoffer, M.D. was another outstanding researcher, you can find his work here.

Additional reading:
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