Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spices as Superfoods

Spices are overlooked in America thinking that they only offer flavoring for food but spices go far beyond just adding flavor.   In my quest to reduce oxidative stress that is caused by my condition I like to look at naturals which by the way are the only thing that can do this.   I have long been an advocate for using Vitamin C to quench toxins and I do not think there is anything that can do it like that.  Spices contain some of the highest ORAC values around.   ORAC simply stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or the ability for a substance that reduces oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is the mess that is left behind from fighting infections, toxic exposure, wrong eating and stress.   The body needs to round those bad things up and remove them from the body, this is what makes us sick among other things.  Natural things like spices can help the body remove the bad things.

Most things in the plant world are good for us, spices come from the plant world.  I buy organic spices in bulk and mix them in generous portions to my health drink which contains quite a few things such as powdered greens and purples along with some natural vitamin c .   Buying in bulk is much more economical than capsules.

 Here is a short list at some of the spices that can be helpful:

Cinnamon:  Not only does cinnamon have a strong antioxidant property but many studies show its effectiveness in stopping antibiotic resistant organisms such as yeast and some bacteria.  In addition to this it has been shown to reduce the prolieration of leukemia and lymphoma cells.  Recent studies shows its ability to help control blood sugar as well.

Turmeric:  Comes from a plant similar to ginger and is used in adding flavor to many dishes such as Indian curry.   Turmeric not only is a super antioxidant but has benefits such as cardiovascular protection, cancer prevention, Alzheimer's, lowers cholesterol and helps with liver function.

Cloves:  The USDA lists cloves as having the highest ORAC of any spice, not only is it high in antioxidant properties but is antibiotic as well.

Roobios:  Roobios is also known as Red Bush and comes from Africa, it is known for its therapeutic value in nervous tension, allergies, digestive issues and allergies.

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