Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Forex Managed Accounts

BayerInvest LLC is pleased to announce the beta testing of a new Forex strategy that implements Algorithmic trading which in back testing  has produced robust gains while minimizing risk exposure*.   We are currently managing accounts for individuals and for a well known broker.   Algorithmic trading entails using computer programs to monitor and trade positions of currency.

It is imperative to implement strategies that are profitable, low-risk and consistent, we believe we have found this in our new development.   After completion of the testing phase, we will be offering this to individuals and to investment firms who wish to trade currency effectively and profitably.

We are a transparent group, and in light of the ongoing financial based schemes, our clients do NOT pool their money into a fund rather maintain their own account that we access for trading purposes only.   (The client finds a regulated broker then simply allows us to trade only and never to withdraw money).

*there are several features of the trading system that implements risk containment.   For instance we use a low-risk percentage per trade, and a proprietary trade order management system that manages losses and trade re-entry.   In addition to this, we have four stringent qualifications that the algorithm considers before entering trades.

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