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-((Note:  This article is published as education material only, it is not meant to diagnose or provide treatment advice for any health condition, that is the job of your healthcare provider.  As with any information you read or are given, you should use adequate research before embarking on a treatment))-

Article written by Patrick Bayer C.N.C.

Personally I think that ozone may be one of the best therapies available.   I purchased my unit which is a medical grade unit which has an external oxygen concentrator that provides a pure oxygen feed into the unit*.

I have read many papers on ozone and the one that stands out is from the Cuban Institute of Ozone http://www.ozono.cubaweb.cu/investigaciones/stressing.htm  The paper carefully lays out the need to assess anti-oxidant status before embarking on therapy.   They simply adjust the amount of ozone based on the antioxidant status, so if the patient has low markers then they administer low amounts of ozone.

It has been suggested that since ozone (oxygen) will help in the manufacture of anti oxidants (glutathione, SOD) it is not necessary to adjust dosage.   This is a false statement (read the ozono.cubaweb link above) and nearly landed me in the emergency room as I was advised to do a dose far above my ability to handle such high oxidation.

So the idea of more is better is just not a good idea.  Ozone is the second most oxidizing substance in nature (behind fluoride which should be avoided at all costs).  Oxidation and Redox are a teeter totter of sorts -a balancing act.  With oxidation the body must reduce the oxidation and this is known as redox or REDuction of OXygen.  If you oxidize more than you can redox then this is bad.   So it is important to only administer the amount of ozone that the body can handle.  Otherwise you will create more stress in the body and you do not want to do this.

Dr. Majid Ali's article on ozone  >> http://www.majidali.com/ozoneis.htm

People with high toxin overload or chronic infections will already be in a high oxidation state which means their ability to handle ozone is diminished.   This was the situation for me.  I had a protozoa parasite that causes immense damage due to the immune system activation.  The immune system uses natural oxides and nitrogen compounds that produces high oxidative stress on the body.   It manufactures these compounds to lyse or punch holes into the pathogens membranes to kill them.   This is why people feel achy or 'sick' when they come down with an infectious organism.

When one has low antioxidants then the energy levels diminish, ability to detoxify becomes impaired and everything else goes haywire.  Raising anti-oxidants will help the body redox faster.  From what I read it is best to avoid anti oxidants within a 6 hour window of ozone administration.*>*

Ozone stimulates the release of toxins and it does a very good job of that.   I would find that within 1-2 days I would begin to get that toxic feeling (stressed).  In detox world people advocate taking X or Y substance.  But these substances should be categorized in two areas  1/ provokers and 2/ vacuums.

A provoking agent would be explained as something that stimulates the release of toxins which would include ozone, or another example would be cilantro which is said to provoke mercury.   These agents force toxins out of their storage area which forces them into the bloodstream.  Once in the bloodstream they will move to organs for elimination such as the liver.

A vacuum agent would be something that binds to the toxin so it is carried out of the body.   An example of this would be chlorella.   This is critical in my opinion and something that is missed.   Vacuums will reduce stress on the body by binding the toxin.   I found that chlorella worked very well as did zeolite (I used rnaresults.com ACZnano which in my opinion worked better than other products including Waiora or powdered products) but others swear by clays such as Pascalite or Bentonite, I also found that  activated charcoal worked well (purchased in bulk -see this excellent article http://healingtools.tripod.com/char3.html).

If you provoke a toxin without binding it for excretion then more than likely the toxin will recirculate in the body thus depositing in the same location it was provoked or perhaps a new location.

The other thing I missed was the liver.   My liver was already compromised due to the pathogen I contracted.   Again with high immune activity massive oxidation is created and with that and the immense psychological stress I was under, my liver became quite congested.   I would also note that any person with chronic infections have a toxicity issue to begin with, I would suggest that is due to the cell membrane damage caused by high oxidation (read Dr. Majid Ali's work or Dr. Patricia Kane's work on restoring cell membrane integrity using fatty acids and phosphatidyl choline).   When cell membranes are damaged from oxidative stress they cannot function well thus low energy states arise, inability to detoxify becomes increased, hormonal production decreases etc.

Since toxins are released even with vacuums, the liver must detoxify this.  Doing liver cleanses as promoted with some popular websites that utilize drinking olive oil (apple juice) are not adequate for deep cleansing of the liver.   These may promote gall bladder cleansing but do not provide much therapeutic value for the liver.

Gluathione is a tri-peptide amino acid that is vital for liver functioning and low levels of any of the critical sulfur containing amino acids (glutathione, cysteine, taurine and methionine) affects the critical methylation cycles.

 Glutathione is a two-way nutrient in which the immune system depends on adequate amounts to manufacture key immune factors and it is involved in detoxification.   So in chronic infections, it is my speculation that since the immune system is pulling all of the glutathione, reserves are used up rapidly leaving lower levels for the liver, thus the liver becomes impaired.   As a side-note traditional glutathione supplements have never given me the results until I used Liposomal Glutathione in which liver detoxification became very strong, so strong I became quite ill.   It was suggested to back the dose down from the 1 teaspoon to 1/8 teaspoon and gradually build up.  This approached worked.   Following the initial doses where I became quite ill I used a number of vacuums as mentioned above along with PRLabs Neuro-ND which is a reduced form of Alpha Lipoic Acid, this product worked quite well.

Here is a link for more information about liver cleansing and the methylation process**

 (**for further information, please read Dr. Richard Deth's work).

*<* Update. A friend of mine spoke with a doctor who uses ozone on a regular basis and advised my friend that using vitamin C in conjunction with ozone should help not hurt. This is contrary to popular opinion that vitamin C should be avoided within a 6 hour window. My friend reports that this is helping greatly and he no longer suffers with bad effect following ozone administration.

*I would also like to offer a caution for those who attempt to use table top devices in which I personally have not used these but have heard legitimate warnings from people who know ozone.  These units rely on ambient air which is about 80% nitrogen to produce ozone which requires oxygen in order to make.   I have read reports of nitrogen compounds being produced that are not good for the body.   I have also read reports of users having reactions.


  1. I got a table top ozonator for under $100.00 on Amazon because it had a lot of good reviews. First I tried ozonating some water. This had no harmful effect or beneficial effect that I could see. That experiment at least showed me, though, that I wasn't being influenced by the "placebo" effect for when I did my next experiment some hours later.

    At that time I put the ozonator in a room with me, being careful to stay at least 6 feet away from the release hose. Within 10 minutes I felt a very pronounced lift in my energy and mood. This always happened each time I ozonated my air.

    Now I am also drinking ozonated ice water as I am guessing that it's effects may just be less immediate than ozonated air, at least for me.

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