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Lessons from Parasites

Please note that the information provided in this post is for educational purposes only, it is not meant to diagnose or treat any health condition - you should discuss any treatment plan with your doctor. 

(pictures from the Mars rover)
Article written by Patrick Bayer C.N.C.

I have spent a great amount of time researching parasites trying to resolve my issues.  Along the way I have picked up much information from both medical textbooks, research articles, personal and other's experiences.   Here are some the lessons learned:                                                                                                            1.  Parasites may not be your problem.  People assume that because they feel sick that parasites are the cause.  There is no question that parasites will cause you to be ill but so will other pathogens such as yeast/fungus/molds, viruses, rogue bacteria, lyme, mycoplasma infections etc.  
The gut is one of first places to look if you feel sick. A majority of the immune system resides in the gut since it is vulnerable to pathogens (always exercise food safety practices). 

 If you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you well may have parasites

If  you have a gut related diagnosis such as IBS, colitis, Crohn's etc, there is a very good chance that pathogenic organisms are the root cause.  Studies have shown that parasites, rogue bacteria* or yeast/fungal may be involved.  Doctors do not suspect this and their advice may delay your recovery.   Pathogenic testing in the gut is difficult and may require many tests.    
*rogue bacteria would be organisms that are unknown but create problems in the gut. There are some well known bacteria that cause problems such as c. difficile which can be identified. 

I would suggest reading this link for some great ideas on gastrointestinal issues. The author outlines the concepts about dysbiosis which is a broad term to describe gastro problems generally caused by rogue bacteria or fungal/yeast issues. He does not delve into the idea of parasites, the protocol seems quite logical for the other issues (bacteria/yeast). 

(Remember in life there are no absolutes, you likely will be faced with many obstacles in this journey, but remember you faced other obstacles and you found a way. It is important to know that not every expert has the answer but may provide a new lead in the journey. Don't be discouraged).

2.  Testing can be very helpful.  Parasite testing is hit or miss and with most labs, they simply fail to find the problem, so you may have to test with  more than one lab.  I know people who have tested up to 50 times until they found the culprit.   There are many reasons for this which you can read about here >>

3.  The best labs are

z/ Update 2/2020 uBiome filed for bankruptcy protection. When I last checked, there were a number of similar labs. I read several reviews and some seemed so-so while others had better reviews. My personal opinion is that these labs can offer a glimpse into things, they may not be perfect.

uBiome is a new technology company that offers at home testing for $89. At this time they are testing for microbiome which would include healthy organisms and they state they test for pathogenic and commenseal organisms (commenseal would be defined as organisms that neither pathogenic (disease causing) or necessary organisms).

They use PCR analysis which in simple terms finds DNA in your specimen. PCR is the latest technology which avoids human error. I have not done this test but feel it could be a valuable test to do some preliminary screening. The cost is very reasonable and is easy to facilitate. It would be my first choice.

The microbiome (or colony of organisms in the gut) is an up and coming study. It is now realized that the gut plays a key role in the health of the body and brain. Every person has a unique mix of organisms which influence many things such as weight control, inflammatory conditions, inflammation, immunity and others.

Advantage: Uses PCR analysis which is considered to more accurate than microscopy testing, ease of use, cost is reasonable. Tests levels of healthy bacteria and according to their site they test for pathogenic and commenseal organisms. At this time, I am not sure of what pathogens besides bacterial that they test for.

Disadvantage: May not be widely accepted by doctors as traditional labs (which have their own pitfalls), however it would be accepted by open minded physicians.

a/ Dr. Kevin Cahill in NYC requires a personal visit, cost is $500.  He uses a 'hot sample' to diagnose.
Advantage:  Well respected and thoughtful, accurate diagnostics (one of the top parasitologists), writes prescriptions, cost is reasonable.
Disadvantage:  Travel and from what I have heard does not believe Blastocystis is pathogenic.

b/ Dr. Simon Yu is located in St. Louis and recognizes and treats parasites using drug and alternative therapies.  I have only heard secondary reports about him.  I do not know if he has his own lab.

c/ Dr. Shirley Scott M.D.  is located in New Mexico and is very good according to the reports I have received.  I believe she does both the testing and the treatment.   From what I hear she uses aggressive drug treatments.   Phone number is (505) 986-9960

d/  Dr. Martin Wolfe (Washington D.C.)  is now retired from what I have heard. However referrals go to Dr. Princy N. Kumar at 202-444-0086.

e/ Dr. Daniel Griffin is an infectious disease doctor in the New York area. I know about him from the TWIP podcasts (This Week in Parasitism) which you can listen to the podcasts. I do not know anyone who has visited him but his is very intelligent. Here is his contact info

f/  ParaWellness Lab in Aurora Colorado.  The sample is sent in the mail, cost is $300.   They offer suggestions for treatment which mainly include essential oil types of products.
Advantage:  Convenient, reasonable cost, accurate diagnostics, compassionate, can order test without a doctor's order.
Disadvantage: Results may take up to 4 weeks, if you want prescriptive agents they probably will not prescribe but do offer other suggestions.

g/  Dr. Stensvold is a leading parasite researcher and offers testing through Staten Serum Institut .  From what I have heard, they can offer testing by 2 different methods - traditional microscopic testing and PCR.

Advantage:  Dr. Stensvold is one of the best and can use traditional microscope testing which with most providers is useless however with him would provide a different outcome. Also has  PCR detection available which is very sensitive (can find a needle in a haystack).  Dr. Stensvold is a leading researcher of protozoa parasites and passionate about his work and also a compassionate man.  Microscopic testing can also find other pathogens such as  yeast, rogue bacteria etc. which should be considered as possibilities. 
Disadvantage:  His lab is located in Europe and shipping may cost a bit more. Traditional microcopic testing is less than $400 for many pathogens while PCR is more expensive.  May not be able to detect the commenseal parasites that can be a pathogenic subtype.   Requires a doctors order.  

h/ Dr. Glen Wilcox (New Mexico)  - LINK 
I have not spoken to their office but was told that you can call them for a parasite testing kit which the cost is $369 as of this writing.   From what I understand he uses a lab outside of the United States who reportedly is good, finding parasites that other labs failed at.   Dr. Wilcox does not prescribe drugs, only herbs.  If you have used this lab please let us know the outcomes.
Advantage:  Test from home, apparently lab is good.
Disadvantage:  Treats with herbs only, no prescriptions.  Treating doctors may not accept these findings since they are not a 'normal' lab.
Here is what Dr. Wilcox says on the website

Specimen Analysis

Since 1988, Dr. Wilcox has worked and studied with Hammed A. Ibraheem, M.D., Ph.D., the internationally respected parasitologist and founder of the Eko University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Nigeria . Stool, urine, sputum, blood and other specimens are sent to the Medical School for analysis. For more information contact Dave at 505-771-4998 or email

i/ Parasitic Disease Consultants offers Elisa testing for many parasites.  The website says he was the former director of the CDC division of Parasitic Disease.   Elisa testing differs from stool testing in which they look for antigens in the samples.   He tests for about 25 parasites and most tests cost $75.  I do not know anyone who has used this lab.  It appears that a doctor's order is necessary to access the tests.

j/ DRG Labs is now offering a PCR based test (Feb 2015) - I do not have any further information. 

k/  Other lab services may be helpful in identifying some parasites but in many cases they produce false negatives.
Advantage:  Convenient, cheaper than the above alternatives.  Doctors think these labs are better than the above choices which they have unfounded disdain for.   The ordering doctor would prescribe meds if found at their labs.  However most doctors do not order adequate treatments due to ignorance.
Disadvantage:  Questionable results, may require retesting with other labs.   Requires a doctor's order.

l/  (Update Nov 2013 - Genova (formerly Metametrix) is no longer offering PCR analysis for parasites (only for certain bacteria), they are reverting back to microscopy techniques which is not effective.  I will try to find another suitable lab to replace this: Update 3/17 - uBiome offers a at home testing kit for $89, see above).  Metametrix GI Effects.  They are doing PCR for bacteria, this test may be helpful in identifying other pathogenic organisms but in terms of parasitology, I would look elsewhere.

Here is the old information about Metametrix (Genova):

Use panel #2105.  Cost is around $300, they use PCR technology rather than traditional microscope methods.
Advantage:  Uses PCR detection which is very sensitive (can find a needle in a haystack).  Provides other  diagnostic metrics such as probiotic levels, panel #2105 checks for pathogenic yeast/fungus and pathogenic bacteria as well as parasites.  Useful for general screening to see if a pathogen is present in the gut and which one is present. 
Disadvantage:  Many receive a PPTU diagnosis which means Parasite Present Taxonomy Unavailable (about 70%).  This diagnosis may require further investigation.  Many on the forum have received either a e. histolytica diagnosis from Cahill or another parasite (ParaWellness).
Tests can be ordered through  or

4.  Doctors know very little about parasites and many believe if you think you have them, you are suffering with a delusional syndrome - poor doctors.   Even Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine doctors will have a hard time unless you suffer with some overt symptom.   I walked around for many years chronically ill and saw many physicians and alternative people, not one of those people even suggested parasites as being the problem.  Many erroneously believe that Americans cannot get parasites (unless you travel outside the country) which makes no sense to me.  So don't be discouraged if they don't believe you.
Here is a good post that supports these ideas click here

5.  Identification is key for treatment.  There are many types of parasites and many of them require specialized treatments.  

If you suffer with protozoa parasites please visit our forum at, we have a storehouse of education and practical experience as well as a forum for support.

 6.  Not every parasite is a worm.  Parasites can be classified into the following: 
a/  Nematodes (worms)
b/  Cestodes (tapeworms)
c/  Trematodes (flukes)
d/  Protozoa  (microscopic such as giardia etc)
Treatments are different for each classification.  

7.  Don't guess at what you have unless you have to.  Too many people guess at what they have which costs time and money in the long run, let alone the discouragement and frustration with failed results. However this does not mean that testing may be the answer.

7a. On a popular forum, there are people who post pictures of their stools. It is nearly impossible to identify parasites from these pictures. Mucoid plaque is often mistaken for parasites. My personal belief is that the mucoid plaque can be a result of infection in the gut, this infection well could be parasitic but also other pathogens such as bacteria. Pathogens come in two forms: microscopic which means you cannot see them with your eye and those you can see with the naked eye. The ones you can see with your eye are nematodes (worms), flukes or tapeworms.

Nematodes are worms,  there are many species of worms, some big like roundworm and some smaller such as threadworms. They can be identified by have a cylindrical shape and have tapered ends.

Flukes are ovoid shaped, some people report seeing 'rolled up tomato skins' in their stool.

Tapeworms are larger and come out in segments. Some people have reported seeing 'white rice' in their stool which could be the eggs.

You can view images of these using Google Images or visit this link

8.   Treatment may require different combinations.  There are a number of 'cocktail' remedies which comprise of more than one product administered.  There does not appear to be a 'magic' protocol, many people experiment with different combinations.

Black Walnut type of products are considered to be a gold standard of treatment but in my opinion are questionable in their results.  It is best to keep an open mind regarding the recommendations given.   In addition to this there are reports about toxicity of wormwood (artemisia, particularly artemisia abisinthium)  and some there is information about the toxicity of black walnut.  These products are usually not effective for protozoa.   I removed roundworm using Neem, Boswellia, Myrrh and enteric coated Oil of Oregano, the worms were extracted within 1 week, although longer treatment should take place.  Banyan Botanicals offer a parasite product based on Ayurvedic methods and there are many other methods to extract parasites.  In some cases it is advisable to use drugs.  

9.  You might have to use drugs to eradicate worms - see #5.  Reports come in that using drugs in combination with parasite herbals work better.  This would be consistent with antibiotic resistant bacteria in which combos offer the best possibility.   One used Barefoot's & Vermox together which gave the best results versus using drugs alone.

Update Nov 2013:  Resistance to drugs is a growing problem and worms are no different - please see this post about techniques to identify resistance and some tips that may overcome the problem.

Update Oct 2014:  There are reports about using grapefruit or grapefruit juice in conjunction with therapy that seems to help.   Grapefruit inhibits certain liver enzymes involved in removing the drugs or herbs so they stay longer in your system.   As with any advice given in this blog, it is suggested to research this and talk to your doctor about these protocols.  It is also important to observe any changes you see. 

10.  If you suffer from protozoa infections please see

11.  Protozoa generally require pharmaceuticals for removal.   Some protozoa have MDR (Multi Drug Resistance) properties, please see the pptu forum (category MDR/Efflux Pumps) for more information.
Update 6/2016: I have gotten help from a combination of natural medicine, if you would like details, please leave a message at the bottom of this post.

12.  Doctors may not give you drugs but there are reports of people using veterinary forms of medicines as well as ordering from overseas that do not require a prescription.  Trusted and rated pharmacies are a better bet that you will not get ripped off. 

13.  Cysts persist.  The cyst form may be the toughest to kill and is necessary to kill to prevent re-infection.  We have preliminary reports that Lufenuron is helpful.  Lufenuron is an anti-chitin agent, chitin is the protective coating that many parasites use mostly in the cyst form but also some use in the active form.   You can read more at  The website erroneously reports that Lufenuron is not effective against protozoa which is untrue, most protozoa use the cyst form which are comprised of chitin.  Microsporidia use chitin in another form to repopulate.  

14.  Forget about some alternative therapies, for instance Zappers have not shown to be effective, this is based on the multitude of stories I have read, table top ozone should not be used based on the by products they emit (medical ozone is ok).

Acupuncture was not directly effective but can offer some support.  Building and maintaining a healthy immune system is always a good idea.  Get your vitamin D levels checked, mineral levels checked, use supportive anti-oxidants (while not doing therapies as they may reduce effectiveness) etc.  Colostrum is a great product for immunity and tissue repair of the gut, taken along with Vitamin A and Vitamin D provides immune factors (sIgA) for the intestinal environment where most of the immune system is housed.

15. Parasites cause a diverse amount of symptoms which means there is no clear cut symptom that can assure you have parasites.    Symptoms will be determined by two factors ::: 1/ Parasite species and 2/ host immunity (how strong your immune system is).  People report a wide variety of symptoms from neurological problems, insomnia, fatigue, loose stools, constipation, muscle aches, joint pains, sore throat, memory loss, brain fog, concentration issues, cognitive problems, disorientation, gut pain, indigestion, nausea, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), colitis, celiac, Crohn's,  inflammatory bowel disease and many other symptoms.

Parasites and other infections can effect your mental/emotional health.  Many people report depression, anxiety, 'crazy feelings' or Gu Syndrome*.   Published reports show that a common protozoa Taxaplasmosis (transmitted from cat feces) will cause schizophrenic thoughts.   This post shows the correlation between mental health and infectious organisms.  Gu Syndrome is a Traditional Chinese Medicine term for a set of symptoms that modern medicine now knows as a parasitic disease, it was described as demon possession which is now known as parasitic possession.  Here is an article that may be helpful.

Cytokines are the result of immune involvement.  Cytokines will enter the brain and cause disorientation, or better known as 'brain fog', memory loss and other neurological abnormalities will occur from the cytokine 'invasion' of the brain.  Here is a comprehensive article about the many effects cytokines produce.

If your belly is sticking out and hard you probably have an infection in the gut.  This is known as a distended abdomen or ascites - This is due to the immune system, it is inflammation.    Pain in the abdomen is another sign.

16.  Parasites directly and indirectly cause damage.  The immune system is quite active during infection and uses powerful weapons to control the infection (this is why it is necessary to keep strong immunity), unfortunately the immune system produces strong oxides that damage other tissue such as the lining of the intestinal tract, this is known as leaky gut.  Burdens on the liver are created as well as immune shifting (becoming more susceptible to other attacks such as viral).  Toxins become circulated from both the immune reactions and the nasty stuff the parasites produce.   Endocrine shifting will occur as well from the immune reactions, so it is possible to see symptoms of low thyroid, gonadal shifting (estrogen, testosterone etc).  Adrenal activity is altered from the infections, which can lead to an overactive situation resulting in adrenal fatigue.

18.  Practice hygiene   More than 72 species of protozoan and helminth parasites can reach humans by way of food and water*.  Most parasites are transmitted by the fecal/oral route.  Most protozoa infections occur from the water supply which is generally not a concern for countries that have water sanitation, it is possible that non-treated water supplies can carry parasites (protozoa such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium etc).  I do not eat any fresh fruits or vegetables without some sterilizing wash, you have no idea how the fields were irrigated.  Do not eat raw meat, fish (sushi) etc.  you are asking for trouble.   I do not eat any food that has not been cooked at any restaurant (again handling is a concern).   Some parasites can be transmitted from your pets (toxocara, toxoplasmosis etc).



CDC Website:

Dr. Leo Galland M.D. has a great resource for gastrointestinal issues:

Manual for laboratory identification

Protozoa forum:

This link has a great visual library that helps identify specific parasites through unique features
 parasite link  

Parasite Menace by Skye Weintraub
Good book on using natural remedies for all parasites, well researched and practical

Parasitology Textbook 
Diagnostic Medical Parasitology, Fifth Edition, Lynn S Garcia

Disclaimer: This information is educational only, please consult a physician.


  1. Wow !! Certainly alot of detail here, I aspeshly found the link about the experience you had with a patient that had felt unwell on return of her holiday to the Caribbean very useful. Thank you for commenting on my youtube video titled 'My Life With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' All the best to you Sir :)

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  2. Hello there. Just a question, who suggested you the treatment with Neem, Boswellia, Myrrh and enteric coated Oil of Oregano?im having troubles to get rid of my issue too.

  3. Dr. Leo Galland uses neem for a variety of parasites, I found the rest through research. I recently read a post that someone used Mebendazole along with the black walnut type of product (multiple herb complex) and was able to resolve their issue.

    1. where do you buy your neem? neem oil? neem leaf capsules? not sure what to buy.

    2. Bought caps, I think I used Nature's Way --- interesting research about Goldenseal Leaf (not root), the leaf contains some factors that can stop resistance. Taking a multiple approach, rather than a single therapy seems to have more effect. If the infection has been there a long time, it may well be stuck in a biofilm environment - it would be advised to eradicate the biofilm so the antimicrobials have a chance. - I have a protocol for this on the pptu.lefora forum, go to protocols and look for that post at the top of the page.

  4. Thank you very much for your quick answer. I will check if those help to end it. I took ivermectine three times already in the last months and helped a bit. It is sad that nobody knows about parasites and how harmful they are today, so I thank you again for posting this research information to the world. Its not easy to deal with this, not even with possitive thinking or with all sanitary measures.

  5. Patrick-thank you for the informative article about parasites. I read it 4 times and still was not fully sure that I understood all the information you provided.
    However after 16 months of extreme pain like so many others, I decided to drive my daughter to New York City to see Dr Kevin Cahill. He is amazing and cured my daughter. Again thanks-not sure what we would have done without finding your article while doing a search on parasites. Are you better?

    1. coach lavery: Good to hear and good to hear that there is a doctor like Dr. Cahill. I am better but still sick. Thanks for posting the update, helps all of us!

  6. Can't believe MM is no longer doing the DNA test. That was what made them stand out from the rest of the crowd, and while it had some draw backs, it was miles ahead of 3 day stool cultures. I'm really perplexed by that.

    Also, Dr. Martin Wolfe is no longer in practice. He may still see select former patients but he is now semi retired and planning to be gone permanently in the near future.

    1. Thanks for posting and the information. Apparently, too many practitioners were confused by the PPTU diagnosis, they did not know what to do with this. The PPTU are mutated species that were once considered commenseal.

  7. Stephen Waters help me to get rid of parasites. Now he is helping me with the leaky gut and candida that is left. He works with tests too but didnt know about dna tests. I never asked him. What would the test help with?

    1. Thanks for posting. I would like to know more about him and what he specifically did to help. The DNA testing has been removed by Metametrix.

  8. A complete blood test of hormones, minerals and inmunity and regular things in one test to see where to start. I was 9 on D and also have overload iron like 3 or 4 times the normal and some other issues. So hes treating all my issues with supplements according to my blood and diseases. Supplements he brings from uk i think. Probiotics that contain something for candida too, leaky gut supports, vit d, and some others for bladder and soon the liver and pills that contains all of the herbs for extermination of bad bacteria, virus, and parasites. And trying to eat organic as possible and no sugar no flours and no dairy. He made me do two other tests for adrenal stress and stuff like that. But he told me about so many other tests not for my case he uses for more complicated cases or if we needed to do. I guess parasites wasnt my real big issue like candida and no good bacteria to help out. But you can call him and ask what does he do for your type of problems and stuff and see if it serves you or not hes number is (8168984414) dr waters.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Diagnosis of these types of diseases always presents problems. Parasites are notoriously overlooked and difficult to diagnose. In addition, there are many other overlooked pathogens such as mycoplasma, L-form bacteria, rogue viruses and the list goes on.

      Using supportive nutrition is vital and using a broad spectrum approach in terms of herbal or non-prescription medicines is necessary. It is best to use a wide swath of these substances rather than relying on a single remedy. Don't forget the importance of methylation. Proper antioxidant support is critical as well. Adrenals need to be supported.

  9. Wow! I have just started doing research regarding this. Up till recently I had no idea what was wrong with me. Have had blood test testing for Rheumatoid Arthritist, etc, thought it was hormonal so started on bio-identical hormone therapy. Testing my hormones my adrenals were off. Had a recent test that included Vit D and my levels were several deficient 12.5.

    Anyhow, last year my husband tested positive for Hpylori. The rest of my family was then tested and of course we all had it. Although I didn't suffer from any of the obvious symptoms like my husband. Gut issues. We Were put on a series of antibiotics. It was after the course that I felt so much better. Joint pain - gone!, hair - stopped falling out, brain fogginess - pretty much disappeared.

    So, I thought was it that simple did hpylori cause all my symptoms. Well fast forward to a year later (a couple of months ago) symptoms were back with a vengeance. My symptoms so resemble Lyme disease I was tested for it - came back negative. But, my Dr. said sometimes other parasites similar to lyme cause the same symptoms but, he didn't test me for it but went ahead and and put me on another round of antibiotics. Once again everything seemed so much better. But, now its only been a couple of months and my symptoms are back. Faster then before. I am convinced it is some kind of parasite, fungus, IDK something that obviously is affected by the antibiotics.

    Do you have any new updates on Drs,, pathologists that are highly recommended.

    I am so tired of feeling horrible!

    1. Hi Elena: Sorry for all the problems. I don't have any other resources than what is listed before. ParaWellness is highly recommended since they have a proven track record. Stensvold's lab is very good from what I hear but he is limited to protozoa.

      Sounds like the organism may be hiding then popping back out when the immune system is down. A poster once remarked that it is imperative to keep constant pressure on these organisms. He was using rounds of antibiotic type of herbs along with goldenseal leaf (not root) which he finds it stops the resistant factors. Send me an email at bayerandbayer at hotmail com if you want specifics. Please keep us posted.

    2. You might want to consider looking at Lactoferrin which is a potent anti microbial and stops biofilm development. Some use lactoferrin with xylitol although some report that the xylitol bothers them. People have remarked that they have never experienced such powerful die off using these. I have the protocol listed at - look under protocols. Check with your physician before starting any new therapy.

  10. Thank you for this, Patrick. Really excellent.

    It is a tad overwhelming. I've been ill for 22 years. I got IBD, which I think came from "dysentery" I got in Israel, perhaps also food poisoning in France. However, I am also MTHFR heterozygous and HLA multi-susceptible. I've been reading and researching so long, my head is spinning. Nothing I've tried has worked, but I haven't addressed the bugs. I did a Metametrix test in 2010. Results said "parasite present; taxonomy unavailable." Any suggestions as to which testing would be best for those of us who have traveled outside the country?

    I've spent thousands seeing practitioners all over, to very little positive effect. I'm running out of funds. Isn't there anyone on the West coast?

    Thanks much,


    1. Hi Leslie: Sorry for the delay in responding, I just saw the post. The PPTU diagnosis is helpful but murky in that proper identification is not there. I have had many people do the ParaWellness test and which they found the parasite. Metametrix did not consider some of the commenseal parasites to be pathogenic and this is based on old material. Now that DNA sequencing is available it is now known that subtypes of parasites exist and some of them can be pathogenic. This means that the idea of a parasite being commenseal (causes no harm) is outdated. So likely you are dealing with a pathogenic subtype of one of the commenseals.

      The bigger question is how do you kill these off. Many people try combination drugs such as Tinindazole with Paromomycin. Alinia with Paromomycin could be another effective treatment. If you want more specific details send me an email at bayerandbayer at hotmail com

    2. Something I missed, are you supporting the methylation pathways?

  11. The only place that could say exactly what type of worms I had was : Sermed/ Calle Ameghino Nº 152.
    4400 Salta (Capital)Argentina
    4317083. They speak spanish only and the test was around 40 bucks in the lab but to send samples from one country to another I dont think is possible. The best choice for me now that makes good organic tinctures for parasites and studies the iris is some dr from florida called dr morse. I will check it out.Apparently he can help people detox from anything.

    1. Thanks Fenix for the information, please keep us updated.

    2. Thank you, Patrick and Fenix. Patrick, I will PM you.

      It's too bad that samples can't be sent overseas. I suspect the best place to get tested is the country where you got your parasites (if you know that). They are most likely to know what is in their region. However, if samples aren't reliable when sent that far, one would have to return, eat and drink in the country where they got sick, and absorb the high cost of getting there. Not very practical.

      I looked up Dr. Morse in Florida. He advocates a 100% raw diet, which is almost always considered unadvisable in ulcerative colitis patients. I am always a bit concerned when a provider has a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine. People are too complicated and varied. Not saying it won't work for many, but a person who has genetic anomalies won't respond the same as one who doesn't.

  12. Thanks Leslie for the reply. I have too case studies of this therapy including other dietary therapies such GAP, SCD diets etc. failed to resolve the issue. The primary problem is that practitioners fail to understand the nature of parasitic involvement and how to correctly eradicate them.

    I have spoken to many people who have seen the top doctors and tried every therapy available with no effect including myself. The organisms must be killed off and there is little support to show that raising immunity is enough to do the trick or using some special supplement. True, certain things can provide supportive strength for immunity, detoxification and adrenal support but most products out there will not kill these off. .

    Again, I have found out that most practitioners know very little about parasites, proper identification and proper protocols to eliminate them. These organisms are way too sophisticated and evolved. I would find someone who experience in parasitiology. If you would like to talk more about this then let me know.

  13. Hi,
    What brands and doses of been oregano...oils did you take? Thanks

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry for the long delay in responding - it was Now Enteric Coated Oil of Oregano. I cannot give a specific on dosing but I am thinking 2-4 per day of the oregano and 4 or so per day of the others (2 per dose at 2x per day)

  14. Patrick! So much wonderful info, thank you! Really inspiring. I live in Europe (netherlands) and would love tp know if you have any tips on doctors or labs here, maybe? I was just going to order the 3day combi test from parametrix (they do it in Germany) but after reading your post i am really unsure, it is quite expensive. I have a 10 months old baby and he is probably infected as well. Is he doomed for life because he will not be treated until he is much older? Having kids is risky business once you enter this world of parasites.

    1. Tara - sorry for the delay, I just say the question. Dr. Stensvold is very close to you and has a lab you can go to. He does comprehensive microscopy testing in which he can look for many organisms (parasites, bacteria etc) and has a more expensive option using PCR analysis. He is a very good researcher and a compassionate man.

  15. Correction-i meant the combi testi from genova diagnostics as it is available in germany, but it is very expensive so if i also have to do it with other labs, it would be a fortune

    1. Let me know if you need any more help.

    2. Very good information, thank you. Have you ever heard of the turpentine protocol by Dr. Daniels & if this is a successful treatment?

    3. Thanks for the compliment and a apology for the delay in responding. I am not sure what to tell you about that protocol, there is a history about it but the safety of it is questionable. I do know that one doctor recommends using the essential oil of pine needles which is the same source but different chemical makeup. I knew someone who used red pine oil (which is expensive) and claimed help.

  16. Doctors fucking suck balls. NWO trolls

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  18. Hi Patrick. I read almost all of this info. Wow. My son is sick and no one can find out what is wrong with him. I am willing to fly him somewhere to get tested for parasites. Not enough room to list his symptoms. He is only 28 y/o and has not even had any kind of a life yet due to his illness. As of this date, are there any clinics/doctors that now stand out in your mind as "the best" in this field. or a testing company that rules. Thanks for any info you can give me. We live in wisconsin but will be moving to Arizona.

  19. Hi Patrick. I read almost all of this info. Wow. My son is sick and no one can find out what is wrong with him. I am willing to fly him somewhere to get tested for parasites. Not enough room to list his symptoms. He is only 28 y/o and has not even had any kind of a life yet due to his illness. As of this date, are there any clinics/doctors that now stand out in your mind as "the best" in this field. or a testing company that rules. Thanks for any info you can give me. We live in wisconsin but will be moving to Arizona.

    1. Hi Julie: I am sorry for the late response as I always don't check for messages. You generally can do testing through the mail. Dr. Cahill in NYC does testing in the office. Unfortunately this is a hit or miss thing but the labs listed above are recommended.

    2. If you have more questions, let me know.

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  22. Hey Patrick, thanks for your original post again, it really helped me get to the bottom of my problem with Blastocystis Hominis, which is now gone. I'm posting some not directly related info, as I'm thinking someone reading your blog will find it useful.
    Besides parasites, pathogenic bacteria, yeast/fungus, mycoplasma, mycobacteria and viruses all are linked to a list of chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases, but mainstream medical system (i.e. your average physician) will not treat these.
    Examples of scientifically associated links:
    Autoimmune diseases such as Arthritis, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia - Mycoplasma, Lyme, other bacterial and viral infections.
    Hashimoto's - Blastocystis Hominis
    Chrone's Disease – Mycobacterium Avium, possibly other bacterial infections.
    Alzheimer's - fungal, bacterial (Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Spirochete) and viral (Herpes) infections.
    Colitis, IBS, IBD - mycoplasma, blastocysts, possibly other bacterial infections.

    There is a lot of research work done and published on all of these, unfortunately the medical system might take decades to catch up, especially when big pharmaceutical companies are not financially interested in developing "cure"-type drugs, but in "maintenance"-type drugs. For most of these infections the drugs are already on the market, but the mainstream treatment guidelines do not even call for someone with IBS or arthritis to be tested for mycoplasma!

    Here is a post by a doctor on mycoplasma and autoimmune illnesses:

    Here some info on Chrone’s and MAC/MAP

    Here info on infections in Alzheimer’s Disease, viruses, fungus, bacteria:
    All the best to everyone reading this, good luck with finding your cure!


  23. Hi Patrick I have a severe protozoa situation and wanted to inquire upon the best protocol for treatment.Doctors have been of no help. Thanku

  24. Hi Patrick I have a severe protozoa situation and wanted to inquire upon the best protocol for treatment.Doctors have been of no help. Thanku

    1. Hi Britt - sorry for the delay in responding. If you like, you can post your email address and I can respond that way. If you could list what you have tried.

  25. Hi,Patric please can you tell me how you use myrrh?And can I bay myrrh from ortodox curch,they have pure myrrh whitouth anything else,and make that in powder,put in caps and drink in morning??

  26. Sorry for the delay, I purchased the myrrh that was in gelatin caps ( Frankincense is another anti microbial.

  27. Is there any hope if the parasites have spread from the intestines and are all over the body? I feel crawling everywhere and almost cried reading this post. It's all so overwhelming and I've been suicidal over this.

    1. Sorry for the delay. If you need some help, contact me at Curezone (send me a private message), my username is linenup.

    2. Yes you can get the parasites out, it would be helpful to know what they are, try the ParaWellness test.

  28. Also have you or anyone dealing with parasites used ubiome successfully yet?

    1. I do not think Ubiome is good for parasite testing but rather other things like bacterial, though it could be helpful. ParaWellness Labs might be a better choice.

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