Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Parasites the menace

I host a forum online that deals specifically with protozoa parasites which are different than the parasites most people think about.   Protozoa are microscopic versus the worm parasites that garner most of the squeamish press.   I host the forum since this is an outlet for my suffering of an unknown taxonomy protozoa that has caused a living hell.   In my experiences, I have met many people who of course are suffering, but not only from the physical suffering but from an emotional & mental suffering.   Sadly in America, we think of emotional & mental suffering as something that exists outside of the physical which is simply not true.   I personally believe that humans are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in nature and that suffering in one of those areas can lead to suffering in the others.

Much suffering is had under the guise of the medical system.   Western medicine has become the Achilles heel for many people for many reasons.   In terms of parasites, WM simply has very thin knowledge concerning these menaces.  They lack the knowledge of symptomatology and treatment strategies.   Far too many people resort to other means in order to receive the much needed treatment.   And more times than naught, the patients are further hindered by the obstinate medical system which simply pass them to the next referral which continues the cycle leaving the patient to figure the whole thing out.    This causes severe emotional stress which further weakens the immune response.

Part of their journey is to use the internet where unsubstantiated claims are made concerning parasitic treatment, but this is not to say that every website has faulty information.  I strive to mix medical journal articles and practical or dare I say anecdotal information.   I look for the members to share their experiences so that we all might gain further wisdom so that all may gain.

Western Medicine needs to reform, not to simply pass off someone's complaints as just a mental condition which is not only close-minded but also ignorant.   The medical system needs to become educated concerning parasites, proper diagnosis with the right tools and and effective treatment strategy.   

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