Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Cause of my Disease

I like the word 'etiology', I like the way it sounds, I like its meaning which according to Wiki means 'the study of causation' and it continues to say that it is derived from the Greek word aitiologia which means 'giving a reason for'.   It is primarily used in philosophical or medical terms.  For me it is personal and meaningful as I need to know the origins of my disease so that I can effectively treat it.
Western Medicine does not give much thought to etiology as they only see the end and never the beginning.  It is important to see the beginning so that clarity may arise.   I have slowly learned that much of the problem arises from ignorance.   Ignorance is not a disease in the truest sense of the word but explains much of the problem.   Many people interpret the word ignorance as a slur of sorts which it is not,  ignorance means not to know.

The cause of the problem is a protozoa infection, I walked around for many years of severe complaints to the doctors who simply either did not believe me in that they in essence called me a liar, or simply did not know.   I was very sick and not just in my body as disease permeates all facets of the human existence.  I quickly learned that doctors have no concept on what it is like to be sick, in fact I have heard they make the worst patients.    I ask myself that question many times, in how doctors could not know.  I also ask the question as to why I would put any trust in these people as they failed me so many times.

I research continually as I have been desperate for far too long, yes I followed the advice of many people who too were ignorant about disease though thought themselves to be experts who gave me worthless and cheap advice.   And when their bad advice failed, they seldom took responsibility or recourse, it was my fault.   I agree with my friend Bob who told me that only 10% of people who call themselves professional truly are, I have learned throughout the years not to implicity trust but should be critical of their background and advice.    America generates much hype which is simply emotionally charged advice without any substantial backbone.

I had to learn many of the root causes of CFS, endocrine involvement in immune reactions, identification of pathogenic organisms, antibiotic therapies, adjunct nutritional therapies, antibiotic resistance strategies and a whole laundry list of other therapies.   My friend said to write down questions that he could ask his doctor friends, which I am considering but probably will balk at.   I explained that Western Medicine does not have the answers to these questions, at least the practitioners, however the researchers have some helpful insight.    The bridge between the practitioner and the researcher is often wide, and decades later the medicine system will see the wisdom from the researchers and may adopt some of their findings.  I do not have time to wait for this, so I take it upon myself to do the research and the application of that research.  

I am the researcher and the practitioner, trial and error until I get it right.   I try to abolish my ignorance through education and observation and at some point hope to arrive at the point of wellness.   I share the following quote from St. Augustine which sums things up for me -

'It is one thing to see the City of Peace from the ridge, but quite another to walk the road that leads to it" - St. Augustine.

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