Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Greed will make you crazy

The latest study from University of Southern California assistant professor Alexandra Michel shows greed changes mental health.  Her results are from a ten-year study that followed about 12 entry level bankers at investment firms.   Of course investment banking is not your ordinary banking, this is related to trading on Wall Street where high stakes games are played.  Fortunes are won or lost.

Michel states that by the fourth year that many were exhibiting stress related diseases like immune deficit, insomnia, depression, 'burn out', alcoholism, mood disorders etc.

Dr. Hans Selye was the father of the adrenal model and stress and all of the above fit nicely into his modeling.   Cortisol is a dangerous and destructive hormone that is secreted under stress and long-term release of this leads to many health conditions.   Fortunately there are nutrient interventions that can stop the progression of these conditions and in many cases reverse them.

I recovered from Stage III (deep stage III) of adrenal disease which nearly cost me my life.  As a CNC (Certified Nutritional Consultant), I offer consultations to help clients formulate a nutritional and life plan to remedy these conditions.  My fee is $100 for a one hour consult, please leave a comment if interested.

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