Saturday, February 18, 2012


Antioxidants are perhaps one of the most important health discoveries and the most overlooked as playing key roles in the prevention of disease.  Oxidation occurs as a result of human metabolism and the environment we are subjected to.   It is the oxidation or ROS (reactive oxygen species) that causes damage to our cells and the role of the antioxidant is to prevent this damage.

One of the great health pioneers was Linus Pauling PhD who was nominated the Nobel Peace Prize concerning his work in nutrition and disease.   He was one of the first to identify the damage that ROS causes the DNA.    ROS causes damage to a wide variety of processes in the body such as cell membranes, proteins, essential fatty acids and DNA.  If the DNA becomes repeatedly damaged by oxidation, it has been shown that damage may cause mutations.

Antioxidants come in a wide variety of forms.  For instance we are all aware of the power of Vitamins C & E that can help the body, but not on do fruits and  vegetables contain an awesome array of phytonutrients that protect us but spices and herbs can have this same effect.

I have provided a link to an article that explains this in further detail.

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