Monday, July 6, 2015


I continue to make inroads with a prolonged and intensive disease. I have altered my remedies which consist largely of nutritionals and acupuncture. I have learned that all systems (endocrine, immune, detoxification, neurological etc) must be in balance for healing to occur as these autoimmune situations create trouble on a number of different levels. Of recent note is the use of hemp oil that is breaking through some of the immune problems, this in combination with the core antimicrobials has made a big difference.

As I continue to make progress, lessening of symptomology* is increasing slowly and I am optimistic that I may reach a place of safety. This has been the most significant progress to date. I have used hundreds of combinations during my journey and visited multiple traditional and alternative practitioners who were unable to help me. My approach covers multiple layers which is necessary since these are complex diseases. I have learned the value of scientific testing and continue to refine my approaches.

Artist: Kazimir Malevich

*I developed severe rheumatism with incredible chronic fatigue very similar to Lyme disease. Aberrant endocrine cycling including muscle and joint pain  are common along with cognitive, memory and other neurological symptoms.


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