Friday, August 17, 2012

Liposomal Antibiotics

I contracted an unknown protozoa parasite that evokes a very strong immune reaction including a  hyper secretion of adrenal hormones (Cushing's) that went undiagnosed for a long time until I used a PCR based test.   Parasites are difficult to diagnose using conventional testing methods (microscopy) and with the advent of PCR testing, it is now much easier to get a diagnosis. 

I have been forced to treat myself since doctors refused to give me antibiotics.   With that I have had to learn the ins and outs about antibiotic therapy which includes prescription and herbal based ones.  I was able to achieve die off with the use of Nitazoxanide with Paromomycin, a previous therapy using Caprylic Acid and the most recent one using Lactoferrin.  

It was my original belief that biofilms were to blame solely for the resistance phases but further reading revealed the antibiotic resistance nature of some pathogens.   There are 3 possibilities of antibiotic resistance with the most common using efflux pumps.   These pathogens that use this are able to detect the substance that is killing them then form of 'fingerprint' of that molecule in their memory.  When the molecule is reintroduced, the organism simply pumps that out of their cell thus saving them from destruction. 

I have looked extensively at the use of herbal complexes that could stop this efflux activity.  Of course I am forced to look at herbal based since I am unable to obtain pharmaceutical substances.   I extracted herbal complexes using 80% vodka since alcohol extracts are more viable to pull out the substances.  I began to put the extract into hot water to form a tea of sorts and added 99% DMSO since evidence shows that DMSO will potentiate any substance.   I was able to see improvement but this stopped as I went back into an inflammatory mode. 

I have researched the use of lipsomal compounds to deliver substances, and the liposomal approach is excellent for a number of reasons to do this.   I have used various substances such as Vitamin C, turmeric etc to make my own liposomal compounds.   This can be accomplished easily using a $50 ultrasonic cleaner, lecithin granules and the substance you want to make into the lipsome. 

I read extensively on using antibiotics in the liposomal form and studies have shown improved penetration, furthermore with lipsomal forms, less of the substance can be used while achieving a better kill rate.   Reduced amounts equates to lower toxicity for the liver and kidneys. 

I have been making a liposome compound of the herbal extract and have been achieving satisfactory results.   The herbs I am currently using are Cubeb peppercorns, paprika, andrographis and black seed.   I have another brew in extract that includes mango, papaya and guava leaves plus some of the above.   I am not currently using this formula.   These herbs have been shown to stop the efflux pumps.   I will continue to update this blog with any relevant findings I come across.

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  1. Neat, I'm about to start using chinese herbs, are you cured?