Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Clarity is the opposite of confusion. When we have a problem we have two options, first ignore the problem and that only works until it becomes a chronic problem or secondly do something about it in which case we must find a solution to that problem. In order to find the solution we must first understand the problem as we can never solve a problem we don't know anything about. You must gather all the facts and possibilities (brainstorm), then implement those ideas then finally evaluate the process then do it all over again if you have not solved the problem.

Curve fitting is a term used in some circles in which we try to make the solution  fit the problem which in hindsight does not work. Denial of facts like smashing a wooden block into a round hole, of course we need a big hammer for that. I see a lot of curve fitting in this world.

When there is little clarity there is murkiness or opaque thinking. This is the inability to see clearly. It changes brain behavior (stress) which makes feel uneasy, vulnerable and makes our journey unpredictable. In order to find solutions we must talk to people with acute specialization and
preferably talk to more than one expert. Do not stress under the weight of these pressures, focus on your target, reach out to many and press on, you will find the answer.

 "If you are going through hell, keep walking" -Winston Churchill

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