Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I talked with a close friend whom I know because of our shared disabilities. He told me his family wants him to see a psychiatrist because he is sick with infections. Yes that is a correct statement. I often wonder why people make wrong assumptions. Infectious disease is prevalent in not only in Third World countries but in First World as well. Some infections are acute in which they can kill rapidly (Malaria etc) while other infections can lay dormant but cause problems, some of them severe.

I spend much time in studying human behavior (psychology, societal trends etc) to help me understand why my journey has been so difficult. I am well convinced that people do not think for themselves but rather allow others to do that for them. Perhaps it is laziness or perhaps they leave the more difficult to the 'experts' - in which case about only 10% of the experts are experts while the rest are better actors*.

There are acute infections and sub-acute infections. The former (acute) kill while the latter (sub acute) torment people in various ways. There is much supportive evidence that mental illness has a origin in pathogens . Heart disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto immune and cancer have all shown that pathogens are linked either directly or indirectly to these diseases however the status quo denies these truths in favor for antiquated thought leading the patient down darkened paths that lead nowhere. 

In order for people to recover, the medical system needs to find the beginning and not the end of the stream otherwise people suffer needlessly. The medical system needs to educate itself on the current findings of the avant garde research, not only will this save billions of dollars wasted on non-effective treatments but allow people to live happy and productive lives.

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*even experts are wrong some of the time.

Painting: Georges Seurat 066" by Georges Seurat - Metropolitan Museum of Art. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons - 

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