Monday, November 5, 2012

HPA Axis

(this information should be regarded as educational material and is not meant to diagnose or treat you, please share with your healthcare provider).

The HPA axis is the hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal axis which is sort of the interface of the feedback system of the body.   This axis is responsible for making changes in the body regulation system according to the current conditions.   This is also known as homeostatis.

The HPA axis has been studied in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a major player in the disease process however most studies have stopped why the axis is dysregulated and how to remedy this problem.

Most CFS studies focus on viral aspects of the disease but this is short-sighted which comes as no great surprise since funding for CFS is a mere fraction of the billions spent on HIV research.   Many other pathogens are suspect that traditional testing simply misses.   Dr. Leo Galland treats many CFS patients and looks to the gut as the harbor of pathogens mostly parasites.   (Parasitic testing is well known to miss the diagnosis, alternatives are Metametrix GI Effects, ParaWellness Labs and Dr. Kevin Cahill in NYC).  The gut can also harbor rogue bacteria, yeast/fungal and viral pathogens.   There are other alternatives to the pathogen mix which some refer to Stealth Pathogens such as Microsporidia, Mycoplasma and a whole host of other potential candidates.

With immune involvement, a whole host of other systems become affected including endocrine.  With these changes, nutrient levels change, massive oxidation occurs which destroy other tissues.  Cytokines, oxidation, nutrient changes and endocrine changes begin to affect the neurological system and potentiate stress reactions, mood and stress handling.   The adrenals become fatigued due to the high stress of the immune involvement and nutrient starvation which cause more changes in the body.

Here is a post I found that is profound in which the doctor describes the more intricate


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