Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stem Cells and Nutrition

Stem cells are specialized cells that have dramatic effects on the body, studies have shown that stem cells  have the potential to heal the body of many diseases.     The wide range of diseases that stem cells include immune (cancer, autoimmune), regeneration of lost tissues, cardiovascular etc.

Of course with any new therapy there is a high cost involved and the second issue is the credibility of the people who offer this expensive therapy.   There have many frauds perpetrated which prey upon people's desperation.

I like nutrition which includes a wide range of things including herbal preparations and I am always looking, researching this area since there is many good things to be found.   My guess is that stem cells begin to degenerate due to oxidation issues (environmental toxins, heavy metals), the failure of people to obtain proper nutrition from dietary sources which exacerbate the loss of glutathione and other antioxidants.   Damage to cells, organ systems etc occur from high oxidative states and I would imagine that stem cells are subject to this damage as well.

I like to find studies that have been accepted into medical journals which the NIH stores.   This article describes the effect of both astragalus and angelica which are popular Chinese herbs.  Astragalus is held in high regard in TCM and is a known immune stimulant and helps stimulate white blood cells.   The Journal of Immunology in 2008 showed the power of astragalus in reducing aging and helping the immune response particularly in viral situations.   Current studies show promise for telomerase integrity which involves the aging process.  

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